I want to roll out a self-service contract authoring tool

We have broad and deep contract automation experience. Our sister company, WallStreetDocs, offers a market-leading automation solution for mission-critical documents in the financial sector. Scissero constitutes a cost-effective alternative designed specifically for corporates.

Why it matters

Companies’ legal departments are often stretched, and using external counsel to manually draft routine contracts is both time-consuming and expensive. Contract authoring tools can solve the problem, but how do know a given tool is powerful enough to grow with the business over time, and how do you avoid getting tied to a particular vendor?

How we can help

  • When choosing a self-service contract authoring tool, one of the first questions you will face is whether to go for for a low-code or a no-code platform.
  • Having automated complex legal documents for years, we have a clear recommendation: A low-code platform may seem harder to set up, but it is the right choice if you want to approach the topic strategically. We can help you get over the initial hurdle by setting up the templates for you.
  • Some of the long-term benefits of Scissero include:
    • Powerful features. With a low-code platform like Scissero, no document is too complex to be automated.
    • Code transparency. Once the templates have been set up, the business logic is easily understandable even by lawyers with no coding background.
    • No vendor dependence. Since the code is readily exportable, it is straight-forward to bring the technology inhouse or switch platforms down the road. Don’t make the mistake of tying yourself to a vendor’s proprietary technology.
  • From a technology perspective, Scissero offers everything you need to automate your legal documents:
    • Data entry via dynamic web-based forms
    • Support for both “term sheet” (i.e., a single two-column table) and “questionnaire” style (i.e., a multi-tab layout with comments that guide users through the information they need to provide)
    • Data feeds via REST API with working code examples for direct integration with backend systems
    • Comprehensive tutorials as well as code libraries for common templating tasks (such as formatting words and numbers)
    • Support for DOCX and PDF format
    • Live document preview
    • Shareable “magic links” for quick roll-out across the organization
  • As with all other parts of Scissero, by licensing our contract authoring tool, you can always upgrade to a full enterprise contract lifecycle management solution later. Click on the links to the right to learn more about other ways in which Scissero can help you automate your legal processes.
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