Portfolio company management

Leveraging our own portfolio company management platform, we provide our clients with antitrust support for deals and ongoing compliance purposes. We do so by:

  • Managing the annual questionnaire process for portfolio companies using a mixture a near shore resources and a senior, U.S.-based antitrust attorney
  • Auditing and monitoring portfolio company antitrust compliance policies and procedures to reduce the risk of parental liability for monopolization, cartel, or other anticompetitive conduct
  • Tracking your entire portfolio, including any interlocking directorates
  • Collecting and updating data necessary for potential merger control and foreign direct investment filings, which reduces submission delays and helps companies obtain clearances more quickly

We load all of the portfolio company information we collect into a white-labeled version of our portfolio company management platform, where you can access it in real time. Through our platform, you can:

  • View all general and individual portfolio company information, including financials and subsidiaries, in an easily digestible format and search and filter for relevant information
  • Download reports containing different portfolio company metrics
  • Edit portfolio company information if necessary (admin level users only)
  • View an audit trail of past activity on individual portfolio company pages
  • Download a snapshot of what your portfolio looked like on a past date

Antitrust and foreign direct investment filings

We provide support from the beginning to end of the merger control and foreign investment filings process, including by:

  • Reviewing and overseeing the preparation of merger control and foreign direct investment filings by outside counsel to ensure accuracy and consistency, reduce burdens on in-house counsel, and provide a strategic perspective on how positions in one deal may affect others
  • Honest counseling providing a neutral perspective on antitrust risks and defenses for potential deals as we do not bill by the hour
  • Ongoing antitrust counseling on strategies to obtain clearances quickly
  • Providing practical legal advice for business teams on committee presentations and correspondence with potential targets
  • Upon closing, collecting data from targets to incorporate into our portfolio company management platform for use in evaluating potential future deals and in future regulatory filings
  • Working with portfolio companies to implement antitrust recommendations to reduce antitrust risks
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