I am looking for a contract lifecycle management solution

We offer you a comprehensive contract lifecycle management solution with a number of add-on functionalities that provide everything you need to manage your contracts, extract information for more informed business decisions and improve company-wide compliance.

Why it matters

General counsels and heads of procurement are responsible for a number of contract-related tasks such as adopting data policies, conducting due diligence for new vendors and managing the lifecycle of distribution agreements. There is simply not enough time in the day to keep up with these tasks and in addition discharge the myriad business responsibilities placed on them.

How we can help

  • Our inhouse team consists of professionals with years of experience at major law firms and companies who have successfully transitioned to the technology world. As such, we understand the complexities of managing a legal contract from the first draft through its full life lifecycle to archiving.
  • Our solution has been designed as a one-stop shop covering everything from contract authoring to negotiation and approval, signing, storage, search and the extraction of actionable business insights.
  • With Scissero, you can:
    • Enable business stakeholders to draft routine contracts within narrowly defined parameters
    • Cut down on contract negotiation times and reduce costs
    • Locate contracts and key legal and commercial clauses quickly using both full-text and metadata-based searches
    • Set up alerts for key lifecycle events, such as contract renewal deadlines and rate hike decisions
    • Develop a fuller understanding of your counterparties
    • Identify and mitigate commercial, legal and operational risks
  • By choosing Scissero for your contract lifecycle management needs, you automatically gain access to a number of add-on functionalities that form of our integrated legal technology platform, including:
    • A low-code contract authoring platform
    • A market-leading NDA management solution
    • A state-of-the-art contract review and due diligence report solution
    • An innovative AI platform
  • As a software vendor who operates mission-critical processes for the world’s leading banks and private equity firms, we are deeply familiar with the high expectations corporates have when it comes to mission-critical IT infrastructure.
  • We operate a highly available, scalable and secure IT infrastructure, comprising a secure private cloud distributed across two London-based data centers run in an active/active dual-data center configuration.
  • Our data center has ISO 27001, 14001 and 9001 certifications. In addition, we hold a Cyber Essentials Plus certification from the U.K. government and commission annual third-party penetration tests, the results of which we share with our partners.
  • We support a range of enterprise features, including IPS, WAF, rate limiting, centralized log collection, aggregation and inspection, a comprehensive DLP program, Oauth2/SAML SSO (IDP initiated flow) authentication, MFA and a role-based access model.
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