I want to extract actionable business insights from my contracts

We offer you a solution to extract legal and commercial clauses from your contracts and use them to trigger business workflows, manage risk and improve compliance.

Why it matters

If contracts could speak, they would automatically alert their business managers of key lifecycle events, such as renewal dates and when prices can be raised on counterparties. While companies track some of this information, many data points remain locked in contracts, leading to lost business opportunities and additional costs when questions requiring manual intervention arise.

How we can help

  • Studies show that in many organizations, once a contract has been signed, it gets archived and, with the exception of a few key terms that are stored in a database, is all but forgotten about until a dispute arises.
  • As a result, the commercial value residing in many of the clauses that you and your team spent months negotiating is at risk of getting lost.
  • Our solution sifts through your contracts and extracts actionable business insights on topics such as:
    • Renewal dates
    • Rate hike triggers
    • Counterparty profiles
    • Commercial, legal and operational risks
    • Financial and operational covenants
  • Use the tool to generate comprehensive reports in the form of presentations and spreadsheets or feed the insights programmatically into downstream systems.
  • As with all other parts of Scissero, by licensing our business insights solution, you can always upgrade to a full enterprise contract lifecycle management solution later. Click on the links to the right to learn more about other ways in which Scissero can help you automate your legal processes.
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